London producer, songwriter and remixer Mediatrix's discography includes a versatile and eclectic mix of innovative official remixes, bootleg work and original music across EDM, pop and hip hop. 

Official credits include remixes of Lenno and Vlad Lucan for Axtone Records, and a trilogy of remix tracks for legendary Comptown Records rapper Tairrie B for her album Vintage Curses. Recent chart success has followed with leading Eurodance group Look Twice and their re-release of 90s hit 'Mr Dance & Mr Groove' featuring an official Mediatrix remix on the single, which entered the Swedish Dance Chart in August 2017. 

The Mediatrix remix of Short Circuit by Bo Haan has been featured in Ferrvor Magazine's May 2016 behind the scenes video feature with 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Containment' actor Chris Wood. In addition, song sync also includes 'Disco Years' by Ok Corral (a Mediatrix co-write) used by Swiss fitness brand Kangoo Jumps. 

The cinematic Björk bootleg for Lionsong (Maybe Mediatrix Remix) drew much acclaim, cited early in 2015 by Toutestin music magazine as one of "8 New Tracks You Should Know” and with Nina Mediatrix being heralded as a "Queen Of The New Cool” by the US blog of the same name- to date the remix has amassed over 100,000 views across YouTube and Soundcloud. In October 2016 Mediatrix produced a fan favourite bootleg remix of Lady Gaga's  'Million Reasons' mixing country and EDM sounds which charted at No. 2 on the Legitmix Top 40 Chart and received over 100,000 views on Soundcloud and YouTube. 

In addition to remixing Mediatrix Music has composed and produced a retro sounding score for 2015 point and click game 'Luke (Deluxe Version)' by Carmel Games.


"I have been impressed by her many incredible talents as a producer along with the depth of musicality within her remixes...She’s got great ideas and a unique perspective which shines through in her music"- Tairrie B

"...of the moment electronic production and a pop sensibility, resulting in a growing fanbase and appreciation of the new sound."- Queen Of The Track Zine

"...emotional electronica at its finest, and produced very well also....a true gem of a remix"- Tracks For Days on 'Reverse' (Mediatrix Remix) by Vlad Lucan

"Keeping her path to success going, Mediatrix has unveiled another high-quality production.."- We Rave You on 'Some Lovin' (Mediatrix Remix) by LENNO

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